Thursday, July 17, 2014

[Zoo] Picnic in Japan

Picnic is brought to a whole new level when you have it in under a gazebo in a Japanese garden in the  zoo. It was certainly relaxing, but I was quite frightened when three water birds came up very close to ask for food. I'm not a fan of birds, in fact, I'm terrified by them.

It's been years since I last stepped foot inside the Melbourne Zoo, and it was the first time where I was given the opportunity to really relax and take my time - I was able to even go through all the exhibits!

All that, of course, came after the energy refill of lunch at the Japanese gardens. The following posts will detail the rest of the zoo trip! :)


  1. i like Japon, thanks for sharing those picture~

  2. Welcome back and lovely photos Shen :D
    Can't wait to see the rest of your post about the zoo! It's be years since I've lasted visited one...

  3. Aw picnic sounds nice! Looking forward to the rest of the posts. :)


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